Did you know that more driving school students pass with Drive4It at our Loughborough Test Centre than any other driving school?

Did you also know that our driving school students enjoy a pass rate of 82%? And did you also know that our driving lessons are student-centred, meaning your lessons are tailored to cover areas you want to cover? These are just some of the things that make Drive4It one of the most successful Loughborough driving schools out there.

Learning to drive is one of life’s milestones – and one of the trickiest. Gone are the days when passing your test was done in less than half an hour, and after answering one or two basic questions about your vehicle. With practical and theoretical driving standards at their highest, learning to drive is a key skill which takes dedication, commitment, and the right learning structures to help students succeed.

That’s where Drive4It comes in. Our Loughborough driving lessons place student safety, satisfaction, and success at the centre of our work. We’re also proud to offer all students the flexibility to fit driving around their lives and availability.

Whether you’re looking to purchase weekly one-hour lessons or prefer to buy block lessons, we have the right packages to suit your needs. For us, learning to drive is more than learning to pass. You’ve heard the cliché before – the real test comes after you pass.

That’s why our DVSA approved driving instructors will work with you to equip you with not just driving skills, but driving sense, to help you navigate the road on your own.

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